Automatic Parallel Triplex Industrial Water Softener
Built for Cintas Corporation in Chicago, IL
Automatic Parallel Triplex Industrial Water Softener AST-6060-6/3/1.5/SS
60" D x 60" H Tanks, ASME Code, 100 psi working pressure, epoxy lined internally and externally
6" stainless steel rear inlet/outlet service headers
3" stainless steel service, 1.5" backwash and rinse
3" cast iron service valves, 1.5" cast iron regeneration valves
Interlocks between each regeneration controller. Internal distribution headers 316L SS with 3" Sch 80 PVC radial hubs and Sch 80 PVC slotted pipe laterals.
Configured parallel service, sequential regeneration and recovery
395 gpm maximum soft water peak flow rate each tank
790 gpm two tanks
1,185 gpm three tanks

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